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Grand Oak Chevron

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Grand Oak Chevron

Grand Oak Chevron is part of Ultimate Flooring Australia's timber collection, inspired by classic French design. This parquet style offers an Oak hardwood veneer with a subtle grain pattern. This engineered floor is produced with precision machinery and coated with a durable UV lacquer. The chevron design is great for all areas as any damage may be easily remedied by simply swapping out single blocks. Grand Oak Chevron is a stylish choice for all areas.

Why is Grand Oak Chevron so Popular?


Grand Oak Chevron is available in various colours to suit most design aesthetics. It can certainly provide a ‘wow’ in any room or space. It has a high level of resilience and shock absorption, allowing it to withstand wear and tear while also performing really well under harsh environmental and seasonal weather conditions.


Features of Grand Oak Chevron


  • Grand Oak Chevron's neutral option is a fantastic fit, with gentle browns, greys, and creams, highlighting your floor's unique design.

  • The Grand Oak Chevron is made of high-quality oak that is extremely sturdy and stress-resistant.

  • Grand Oak Chevron comes in five natural colour variants. They are Natural Oak, Mink Grey, Balinese Oak, Black Opal, Gunsynd Oak. This colour palette contains dark and light tones, giving you more possibilities for every space.

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