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Wild Oak Linwood 12mm

Wild Oak Linwood 12mm: Products

Linwood 12mm

Linwood is the solution to enjoying a real timber floor for less financial outlay, while still receiving a 20+ year lifespan. Linwood's top layer (lamella) is a high grade European Oak made from a species of oak which will provide high durability. The result? A floor that is more economical and uses less natural resources while maintaining long term performance. That's the result of using the best materials available.

Boasting 10 modern colours which lend themselves to any style of home or décor. Linwood's timber surface is graded specifically to achieve a classic and timeless appearance.

Wild Oak Linwood 12mm: Pro Gallery

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Board size

1860 x 190 x 12/2mm

Pack size



Lightly brushed


Standard grade


Tongue and Groove


Matte UV cured lacquer


E1 - VOC Free water based lacquer

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